Let our family help your family navigate the difficult task of paying for college.

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Attention:  Parents of College Bound High School Students ...

Solutions for College Funding is a family owned college funding advisory firm located in Englewood Florida.  Last year, our programs helped over five hundred families with regard to college funding.  Let our family help your family with the complicated college funding process.

Our mission is to advise parents of college-bound high school students on all phases of college financial planning.  We also accurately prepare all forms required for college need based and merit aid while meeting all deadlines.  We guide students through a career planning process, provide SAT or ACT coaching materials, review their entrance essays, while helping them choose the college that is the right fit for them.

In addition, about 90% of those who qualify for need- based aid still have a significant Family Contribution that must come out of their pocket, plus there are those who do not qualify for aid and must totally pay for college themselves.  We teach these parents how to pay for college on a tax favored basis, what are the best sources for money, how to choose a college to get the best chance of funding, how to negotiate with a college to get the best financial aid package, how to set up their personal finances to be eligible for more aid and much, much, more.

How do we do this? By providing general FREE seminars for parents of college-bound high school students, followed by a FREE personal consultation to review their individual college financial situation.

Don’t wait!   If your child is in high school now, every financial decision you make could cost you $$$$’s for college.

Sign up for a seminar today!

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