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What families are saying about us!.

Once again thanks for all your help. I have no doubt that had we not followed your advice  we would have gotten zero financial aid from the college. To your staff, thank you for all your help with the paper work and your support as well. Have a great summer!   R.N. 05/2016

Thanks for looking at Tim's options and for your note.  While disappointed in his 3 waitlists (UPenn, Rice & WashU), I am happy with the USC offer.  Your help over the years helped to discover right fit schools for best financial aid.  Thanks again. R.S. 04/2017

Your guidance throughout has been so very valuable and the patience you've shown is also appreciated.  Sometime around the end of Jason's junior year of high school, I attended a similar seminar from a competing company and left that evening feeling discouraged....that presenter used scare tactics that did not help at all.  I am so deeply grateful that I then attended your seminar later that summer and came away with so much more confidence.  Again, thank you for all of your help!  D.M. 08/2016

Can't believe college is almost over. Seems like it was just yesterday we were sitting in your office setting things up. Time sure does fly by. Thanks again for everyone's help all these years! C. D. 05/2016

Thank you!  We are very grateful for the first choice school opportunity. I am grateful for the financial  preparation that came in time for us to be ready without unbearable pressure.  The process still was not easy, but it was organized  and structured for success.   Thanks again! R.T. 05/2016

Using a blend of your Sample letters and your advice to focus the attention on the Gift Aid portion of the schools offer, I sent the attached letter to Elizabethtown and received a $6,000 increase in their merit aid offer!  This alone justifies the cost of your services. 
S. H.  04/2017

Dear Murphy Family, Thank you for all of your good advice over the past year. We have appreciated your guidance and expertise during this very demanding time.
Sincerely, R. N. 06/2016

Dr. _______, below is a link to the "solutions 4 college funding" group I told you about. Worth their weight in gold if you ask me... not just how to adjust your financial structure to (legally) reduce the cost of college, but a host of other preparatory services for the student. They "sell" their service by doing 1 day FREE seminars at various locations. If you're looking to provide a valuable benefit to the parents at your high school, the  free 1 day seminar alone was really valuable and they are happy to do one anywhere as long as the size of the group warrants it. If you decide to reach out, please let them know I referred you. K.W. 01/2015

Your help was always appreciated. I cannot believe 4 years have gone by so quickly.  We used your services for our older son too and it was a good choice! We will continue to recommend you to others.   C. S.  01/2015

We cannot thank you enough for all your patience & assistance the past four years!  I know I must have drove you crazy with all my questions. You accomplished making our college seeking experience & college years more enjoyable.  As you know we did not have money to pay our kids tuition, but it was our dream to do so.  You helped us immensely to figure out a plan B. You truly have been very attentive and kind to our family and we are very grateful!!  Thank you & best to you all. L.& E. G. 02/2015
I get asked all the time for a service like yours in PA and Maryland.  Would you recommend anyone.  I wish you had an office in MD?  Thanks for all the great work with Danielle.  We look forward to her graduating this Spring. You and your staff were a major factor in our success. J.J. 12/2014

We just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the work you and your team  have done to help our son, Dylan realize his boyhood dream of attending the University of Notre Dame.  We truly believe that this would not have ever been occurred had we not signed up with your company. Your guidance during our son's high school years helped him get accepted with substantial dollars to some of the top colleges in country.  We would never have considered and allowed our son to apply at the colleges he did due to our misconception of what was affordable and obtainable.  Dylan, being our eldest child, we were unprepared and misinformed about so much of the college application process. We did not realize that students and their parents need to start preparing as they enter their first year of high school. You showed us how very important it is to start early. By taking your advice, our son's hard work and meeting all required deadlines, our son is now a freshman at the University of Notre Dame.  Our daughter is now looking and working towards schools that without your knowledge would never have considered.  We thank you for helping our son to realize his dream! We look forward to continuing working with you so our daughter can achieve the same. M. & B. G. 09/2014

The process of sending one’s child to college places both emotion and financial stresses to the family.  Once we were on board with S4CF, the stress of ‘Not Knowing What to Do” was eliminated.  S4CF services guide you step by step on the college selection process as well as the funding process and options available.  The information we obtained allowed us to maximize our financial aid as opposed to someone who did not have access to the same information. The company is well organized, the staff is very knowledgeable with the college selection and funding processes, they are easy to work with, and are very responsive.S4CF services have been a phenomenal tool for our family and would strongly recommend this program for anyone with college bound children.
T. & D. L. 11/2015

 First off, I would like to thank you for making the first year of College & all its forms, information, & calls so much easier for me & Paige.  It really is very stressful & you guys helped us so much.  We truly appreciate all that you did. L.M. 1/2015

Two years ago, in my son’s junior year of high school we sat in this very seminar with the Murphy family.  We knew after attending several seminars of others, that Solutions For College Funding was the best and right choice.  Let me save you some time, this is by far the place you need to be.  Over the last 2 years we learned a lot of things from his meetings,  personal phone conversations, and emails.  You know when you call them they answer your calls.  We knew in advance that with college prices these days one needs the best advice and help to understand and be one step ahead.  As Albert Einstein would say, “knowledge is power.”  We listened to everything and followed all of their steps and directions.  We read all that was sent to us and listened well.  We did this so our son and ourselves would have the best chance at everything. Steven will be entering Rensselear for engineering and with a wonderful financial aid package.  We do not worry any longer about our questions or problems because we have S4CF on our side for three more years.  The price for their service is really only a small price to pay.  When you play your cards right and listen to them as we did, you will save so much more in the end.  Anyone today sitting and reading this in his seminar, we give Solutions For College Funding our highest recommendations for they truly are the best by far in all respects.  M.P. 01/2009


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