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“The Little Known Secrets of How to Get Maximum Money For College”
Presentation by Ray Murphy, President of Solutions For College Funding

  • Needs Analysis Formula
    A. Federal calculation of Need Based Aid
    B. What this means to you.
    C. How colleges use the EFC
    D. Institutional Method – Many Private Colleges
       a.Credit Medical Expense
       b.Credit Tuition on Private High Schools
       c.Credit Lack of Home Equity
  • Sources of Aid
    A. College
    B. Federal Government
    C. State Government
  • Types of  Need Based Aid
    A. Grants
    B. Scholarships
    C. Work Study
    D. Subsidized & Unsubsidized Student Loans
  • Merit Aid
    A. SAT test
    B. ACT test
  • CSS Profile
  • Other Financial Aid Forms
  • Other College Loans
    A. Parent Plus Loan
    B. Alternative Loans
  • How to Choose a College For Money
  • How to Negotiate for More Money.

A recent seminar attendee writes:

“Ray is a dynamic speaker while his power point presentation is organized and easy for a parent to understand.


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