Let our family help your family navigate the difficult task of paying for college.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who is Solutions For College Funding  (S4CF) ?
A:  We’re a family owned College Funding advisory firm in
Englewood Florida, founded in 1994.

Q:  What does S4CF do?
A:  Advise parents of college bound high school students regarding the financing of a college education.

Q:  What are some examples of things S4CF advises parents about?
A:  Since 90% of those parents who qualify for Financial Aid still have a significant contribution that must come out of their pocket, we advise these parents the best way to pay for college.  In addition we advise parents who do not qualify for aid and must totally pay for college themselves:

  • How to pay for college on a tax favored basis
  • What are the best sources of money based on their personal situation.
  • How to choose the colleges that will give them the best chance of getting funding.
  • When it is possible to appeal the financial package from the college to gain additional aid.
  • How to set up their own finances to be eligible for more aid.
  • What are the rules for divorced or separated parents; and for business owners.
    and much, much, more.

Q:  How does S4CF do this?
A:  By providing 1 to 2 hour FREE seminars titled “What Every Parent Should Know About Getting The  Maximum Funding For Their College Bound Child”.  These seminars are held periodically in high schools, colleges, public libraries, churches, hotels, adult education courses, PTA organizations, etc.  These seminars are general in nature, but every attendee is eligible for a FREE personal consultation in our office to cover their individual college funding situation. 

Q:  Are there any charges for S4CF services?
A: Yes; after the free seminar & consultation, if the parents desire S4CF to handle their college funding situation for them there is a fee.

Q:  When should a parent attend one of these seminars?
A:  No later than their child’s sophomore year in high school. Due to recent changes from the Department of Education, all financial decisions this year may affect your college financial aid two years from now.

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